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Fundamentlas of Cabbage Patch Kids is only available in a .pdf format for viewing on your personal computer. I regret to say that I am no longer pritnting paper copies due to the increasing prices of printer ink. If I were to print paper copies the cost to you would be around $150-$175. This new easy to access .pdf version is only $35.00 and is easily dowloadable using any type of interent connection. If you do not have access to the internet a CD can be made for an additional $6.00 including first class shipping anywhere in the world.

The .pdf version of the book is 480 pages complete with an interactive table of contents and index. All you have to do is click on any chapter title in the table of contents or any one word in the index to jump directly to the specified page(s). There are over 5000 color photos provided by over 300 CPK collectors. The book is based on knowledge from myself along with many other long time collectors. It officially took me 5 years to complete. This book covers the early Coleco CPK's along with all the specialtly and foreign lines. I have detailed images of head molds, Kids, clothing, accessories, you name it and if it is early Coleco 1983-1989'ish it is probably in there. I have also briefly covered the transitional Kids but not in lengthy detail as with the early Kids. I DO NOT HAVE ANY PRICE GUIDES IN THIS BOOK.

You may use any of the following methods of payment: Paypal or Google checkout by clicking on the "Buy Now" buttons below. To send a money order or if you do not have an internet connection and need to purchase a CD please contact me at


Here is a list of some of the chapters in the table of contents just to get an idea of the amount of information that is contained within this book.

Main CPK Information Index Click Here ***NEW NEW ENW

I have incorporated many of the pages from the Fundamentals book into this website. Anytime you see a link with the book's cover page icon next to it that specific page contains images of the actual pages from the book. (click on thumbnail to view larger image)