All About Birds - You can listen to and see photos of ANY species of bird here!!! THIS IS AN AMAZING SITE!!!

CoBirders - Yahoo birding group in Colorado, postings include rare bird alerts daily and by county.

Colorado BIrding Society

Bald Eagle Chicks Live Cam! - On April 12, 2006 a bald eagle chick successfully broke from its shell unassisted by humans in a 5 foot round nest high in a tree on the north shore of Santa Cruz Island. The last known successful nesting of a bald eagle on the Northern Channel Islands was in 1949 on Anacapa Island.

Jeff Poklen's Website - Excellent Photos of shore birds from Santa Cruz, CA

Monterey, CA Seabirds - More cool photos of shore birds

Birdingpal Forum - Especially for Traveling Birders

California Birding - A little bit of everything.

Bird Sounds ONLY - This site has several calls for each species of bird.

Here are some links I have not had the time to check out yet. I was told however, by an expert birder that these sites are great!